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La Belle Ballet & More


Our Preschool classes are designed for young children from 2-5 years old. We use coordination exercises, songs, rhythm activities to inspire their imagination and improve motor skills and following directions as well as the basic foundation for tumbling. Learn more about our preschool dance classes by contacting us today!!

Young Dancers in Ballet Class


Our Kindergarten class is designed for students ages 5-6 years old. We use coordination exercises, learn musicality, learn the basics of Ballet and learn how to memorize choreography. This class prepares students to enter Ballet 1 and teaches them what to expect for exams.

Dance class


Ballet is an elegant form of classical dance that developed during the Renaissance period of the 15th century in Italy. It has become an extremely popular and widespread style of dance. At LBB we offer a wide range of ballet classes from kindergarten to adult of all abilities. Ballet 1, Ballet 2, Ballet 3 and Pointe classes are available. All ballet classes will greatly increase your strength, flexibility, and fluidity as a dancer. Ballet is an art that has roots deep into history and culture and we would be honored to guide you through its diversity.

Ballerinas Sitting in a Circle


With its strong history dating back to the mid 1800's as a mixture of multiple percussive dancing styles from Africa and the British Isles. Tap dance is characterized by the dancer tapping, striking and sliding along the dance floor with specialized tap shoes. LBB offers Beginner Tap and a Tap class that will increase your fitness, rhythm, balance, coordination and most importantly our tap classes are a ton of fun!!

Girl Dancing Shoes


Jazz dance involves improvisation, syncopated rhythms, theatrical movements and typically accompanies upbeat music, including be modern and classical. LBB offers a jazz class for dancers level 2 and up. Our jazz dance classes are fun and engaging, they help develop strength, coordination, balance and technique. Learn more about our jazz class by contacting us today!

Performance Artist


Contemporary dance form if similar to Modern dance style. Our contemporary class stresses footwork, improvisation, changes in rhythm and torso movement, among other elements. Learn more about this fun and energetic contemporary dance class by contacting us today!


Competition Team

Competition Team is a unique opportunity for dancers to travel around the Midwest and share their talent competitively. This team is open to any LBB dancer who has been apart of the Studio for at least a year. Once registered, the dancer will audition for correct placement. Contact us today for more information!

Dance Performance


This Class is for Ballet 2 Students and above. We will focus on strength, musicality and how different hip hop styles can encourage movement can be applied to choreography.

Jumping Break Dancer


Our Tumbling Classes are divided into an A Class and B Class. (Advanced and Beginner) This class is focused on improving dancers Acro technique. We teach our students the importance of body alignment, strength and how to apply acro to choreography.

Practicing Acroyoga
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