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Nutcracker Details

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

The Nutcracker Showcase Details:

Hi LBB Dance Family!!! We care counting down the days until our Nutcracker Showcase and we couldn't be more excited to see the girls on stage sharing what they have been working on. This email contains all the details for the big day!!! Please let me know if you have any questions


If your costume has not been sent home yet it will be going home this Thursday!!! Please keep costumes stage ready and everything in the bag it was given in. Each costume has been prepped and everything except shoes are in the bag. (FYI: There is a zipper in the back bottom of the bag for dance shoes to go)

Thank you for your patience with costumes this year, I know it has taken longer than expected for some of them, but I wanted to make sure each and every one was ready and perfect for the girls.


Please remember we like to have the girl's makeup in neutral colors and very simple. Yes, its ok if you don't want to put make up on your child, but I do ask you to remember that under stage lights it's easy to lose face features. Just a simple outline of the eye with mascara, blush on cheeks and a little lip color can go a long way to make sure the girls don't have "ghost face" on stage.


Preschool: Any Style

Ballet 1 A & B: Classic Ballet Bun

Ballet 2: Any/ Solo Hair

Ballet 3: Half up/Half Down

Soloists: Please chat with me for details


10-10:30am- Preschool Rehearsal

10am-12pm- Full Dress Rehearsal

12-12:30pm - Competition Team Rehearsal

5:15pm- Dancer Check in

5:30pm- Doors Open

6pm- Show Time

* Please note that out rehearsals are closed, and we ask for parents to pick up and drop off students at the South Side Door to the theater

 checkout the link below to view full email page!!👇

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