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LBB + Studio B Dress Code

  • All Classes:

    Must wear hair pulled back out of face

  •  Ballet:

    Class Color Leotard, Tights, Shorts/Skirt,

    Pink or Nude Ballet Shoes  

  • Creative Movement- Light Purple

  • Ballet 1- Light Pink

  • Ballet 2- Light Blue 

  • Ballet 3- Grey

  •  Pointe:

    ​  Black Leotard, Tights, Practice Tutu, Pink Ballet Shoes, Fitted Pointe Shoes  

  • Contemporary:​

    Leotard, Tights, Shorts/Leggings, Bare feet   

  • Jazz:

    ​ Leotard, Tights, Shorts/Leggings, Black Jazz Shoes 

  • Tap:

    Leotard, Tights, Shorts/Leggings,

    Black Tie Tap Shoes


LBB Rules & Policies

Our goal is to provide the best quality dance instruction and education possible. No matter the reason that a student is seeking dance education, we want their experience here to be inspirational, educational and fun! With that being said, to preserve the integrity of the studio and the students, the forthright adherence to rules and policies is highly regarded. 
● Respect! Each member of the LBB family is to treat others will respect at all times! Degrading comments, swearing, stealing and harming other verbally and physically will result in a STRIKE 

● No Bullying of any kind! 

● No gum, food, or colored drinks is allowed within the studio or dressing rooms. Water is encouraged! 

● Students are expected to arrive early or on time! If you are early, you are invited to quietly stretch and warm up in our common areas while a class is in session. Do not interrupt a class while it is in progress.

● No physical violence of any kind 

● La Belle Ballet is not set up to provide transportation to and from dance classes. We will do our best to make sure students return to their parents in the waiting room. However, if your child must wait for a ride, we insist they stay inside the studio until a parent/guardian collects them.

● We ask that students please bring clothing to wear over their dance attire rather than leaving the studio in a leotard and tights 

● STRIKES are given out to those who break the rules in anyway. If a student receives three STRIKES , they will be asked to leave La Belle Ballet & More or any affiliated Teams.

Weather:  We will be closed and hosting no classes if the local school district cancels school due to bad weather. On the event of that happening, we will notify parents via social media and the Remind app.